Digital and Social Media 

Personal development

Personal development is about improving yourself. You will be supported to identify your own strengths, abilities, values and perceptions of yourself.
Learning materials are presented in two different units, as follows:

migration and me

challenges and barriers for female migrants;

me being here n

understanding motivations;

my achievementsn

identifying skills;

my strengths n

appreciating strengths and attributes; n

The aim of this self-directed learning toolkit is to explore digital tools and platforms that can support you to plan, develop and launch your own social enterprise. Each resource is supported by a handout.

– Resource 1: Introduction to Social Media Marketing 

– Resource 2: Expert tips for Social Media Marketing.

– Resource 3: Digital Media in a Social Media Environment 

– Resource 4: Campaigns for Social Impact 

– Resource 5: Online Networking and Communities 

– Resource 6: Online Communication and Etiquette 

– Resource 7: Online Safety and Security 

– Resource 8: Media Literacy

– Resource 9: Protecting my Digital Footprint